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Just got back into cell phone range. Ahhhh off grid living!

So, here is how it went, with some major anxiety, minor heart attacks, no one was injured and a few….

…well, you will have to wait and see!

Step #1: Loading and Transporting

The two Edmundson Transportation Services trucks left Acton, Ontario at 4:30am Friday September 23rd after all four modules were loaded by crane. We had to leave the night before to get the site ready on Manitoulin so I missed this spectacle. D’oh!



Loaded and Ready


Wagons Ho!


Step #2: The Race

We booked it up to Manitoulin to be ready for the delivery and were met by our new wonderful and generous lake friends, Connie and Stan. They made us dinner and spared us from having to set up camp in the rain by giving us cozy beds for the night. The generosity from these two incredible folks was simply amazing and heartwarming. Thanks Connie and Stan!!!

IMG_6103.PNGThe two trucks drove through the night and arrived around 12pm on the 23rd. It was Jack’s very important job to get out to the highway on the quad, meet the trucks and guide them down the 8km rugged road. All four modules made it through to what we call the “moonscape”, for unloading and re-loading, with some dents. We will now call these dents “character” and story fodder 😉 One piece of devastating news is that a teenagers phone was killed. Yeah, I know! How will he survive?!? Apparently Jack’s Samsung phone was no match for 22 truck wheels 😉 Thump-Thump…Thump-Thump…Thump-Thump…

Step #3: The Moonscape Changeover

The final kilometer needed a one-by-one transport in because there was no place for two 18 wheelers to get in and turn around, so the moonscape became the staging ground. From Edmundson Transportation to Jim Stack’s crew, there was no insurance to cover this changeover, thus the anxiety began


Modules were insured in transport and once they were on the piers. Where are my fingernails?!?!

Quad Sherpa Jack

From one set of trucks to the other.

Five year old truck obsessed Jack would have passed out by now. Mighty Machines, you have nothin’ on this day!

One final wilderness squeeze.

The Resting Place…Down One Bumpy Road…Slowly

All Moved in ONE DAY!

Now a deck that will join this little group of cabins and a special outhouse. Coming very soon!

No More Camping on Thanksgiving for the Snells!




What a wild 24 hrs!!!

Best Birthday EVER!!!!

Robin had bows put on all modules for me prior to their arrival on the moonscape, where I was waiting. What an incredible and wonderful husband I have! I am very grateful for the life I have with him ❤ Teary day, teary day 🙂


Later this week, major Thank-Yous, Shout Outs and Video will be posted!

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This is what the building site looks like when we roll in to check on the progress. These will be rolling out this Thursday and onto Manitoulin!

Inside the Pods

We are very glad that we were not approved for shipping containers! Love the spacious feel the roof line gives the living space.


…and the paint goes on…


First coat. We wanted the feel of an old updated cabin with a little touch of modern. I so looking forward to the first rainy night with the “tin roof” 🙂

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Imagine three of these, facing inward, large deck, doors open and roof connecting all on the backside. This is the kitchen/living room that is winterized with a wood stove.

I will be lounging in the middle of this deck with cocktails in hand!

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Bring on the Flooding! Piers are in Place!

Denis McCann is saving us from the flooding by doing a fab job of creating concrete piers that our four pods (currently in Acton) will sit on. I look forward to the tearful meeting of pods and piers next weekend. Ok, yes the tears will be mine because I am so happy and excited about this wonderful tiny cabin project.

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Half Way There!


We are on track for September 22nd, putting these four little numbers on two transport trucks and wheeling them up to Manitoulin Island. This week each one will have their funky roof completed and will be clad in corrugated metal. Feeling grateful that the Manitoulin Planning Board said “no sea cans for you!” (said “Soup Nazi” style). Turns out these babies are way better that any shipping container dwelling we would have created. Inspired by sea cans, but the vision produced a pretty awesome little group of dwellings that seem more spacious than they actually are.

We have been getting quite a few curious people watching these pods come alive in an Acton parking/storage lot. In my opinion, it is because my awesome architect husband created something very interesting and attainable for most people who want to build their own vacation home. So excited to see these grouped together, connected by a massive deck and happily sandwiched between two spectacular lakes.